Friday, July 23, 2010

the July Chronicles in BeachTown

Maxabella has this awesomely fabulous idea about fridges chronicling our lives. You should totally check it out. I'll wait.


So how clever is that? I'm sure she'd be stoked if you want to join in!

Anyway, without further ado, here is my fridge as of July 23.

Having recently moved house, it's pretty nekkid.

the HandsomeSons' first b'day invite from his new school

(the birthday childs' mum wrote out the invites late at night and got some of them into the wrong envelopes so that caused some confusion)

the $10 scratchie that won $10

a freebie notepaddy thing from the letterbox

artwork by The Princess

I think one is a farmer and his cow, the other features a charming rainbows-and-hearts motif which is pretty much her signature style.

flier for the new Local Scrap Shop

my fave ever fridge magnet

PS GO ME! I finally figured out how to do captions. There is no stopping me now. Next stop, Total World Domination.


  1. Your fridge is creative and... neat! How do you manage that? The drawings by The Princess are really lovely - she obviously loves being arty. Cappers is also so into the drawing that she would do it all day if she could (and guess what, she's 4 so she can!)

    Thanks for joining in the Chronicles. It really means a lot to me. x

  2. PS - please tell me how to do captions!

  3. My fridge has a calendar, the phone bill and a photo of my youngest grand daughter.
    There's also a laminated sheet of paper titled Today's Priorities with 25 lines to write on. It's blank, just like it's always been.

  4. Love the magnet My SUPPORT group it's adorable ..... came over from maxaella loves.... your fridge is extremely neat ....wish I could get mine to look like that

  5. LURV your fridge Toni, especially your 'support group' hehehe my fridge is COMPLETELY EMPTY (the door that is!) NO KIDS at home and......... relatively NEW fridge....declared when we got it NO MORE MAGNETS!!!!! hehehehe and if we put our bills on the fridge door.. it would FALL OFF!!!!!! :) :)

  6. LOL -- oh I would LOVE a completely clear fridge door! but that's not gonna happen in this lifetime ):

  7. At the moment my fridge is all about Mitchell LOL Awards for being organised, swimming certificates and sharing topics for the term. I too love the 'support group' Such a classic


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