Sunday, July 11, 2010

in breaking news....

The scarf is done, and I am the best scarf knitterer ever.
So, one thing crossed off the list, 19 to go.

Our lazybones dog is 6 today. We're making a cake. Because, you know, cake.
As a bonus, this means I get to wear my fab spotty apron again. I'm looking for some vintage 50s aprons, but haven't found any I love yet.

Life at the moment revolves around one thing -- the fire. We're always fetching wood, chopping wood, checking the fire, putting wood on the fire, or banking the fire. The thought of it going out overnight terrifies me. I don't cope well with the cold. Roll on SPRING!
I do enjoy wild weather on the coast and I've been standing out in the driveway looking down on the beach, watching the grey choppy waves and listening to them crash onto the beach -- till I realised I was in my Elmo jammies and the neighbours were all out walking the dogs.
So wild and grey and crashing are all good, as long as I'm warm.

Jammies -- want to hear a funny story about jammies? Too bad, I'm telling it anyway.
My husband strangely does NOT think pyjamas are acceptable day wear. (he actually isn't keen on me wearing them at night either but that's not a story suitable for my blog)
Anyway, he has all but forbidden me to wear them outside. (think Stern Victorian Gentleman here, although deep down, he knows that 'forbidding' would actually have the opposite effect)
He especially wasn't keen that I would frequently drive the kids to school in my jammies (hey, if you're not getting out of the car, does it matter?)
"You'll get a flat tyre one day!" he would say.

So one day, as I was returning home at about a quarter to nine in the morning, I spotted a woman standing beside a car with the bonnet up and doors open, so I stopped to ask her if she was OK.
Nope. Car was buggered.
She had tried phoning for help on her mobile but no credit so I asked if I could maybe drop her at home?
"Yes that would be fantastic thank you."
So I jumped out of the car to help her remove the valuables from her car. In my pyjamas. In rush hour traffic. Didn't worry me, but I knew Fabio would have a fit when I told him.
I explained his whole "you'll get a flat tyre one day" attitude.
She laughed.
"Check this out!" she said -- and unzipped her hoodie to reveal -- PYJAMAS!

So my theory is that there's actually a whole Sisterhood of the Travelling Pyjamas thing going on round the country in winter.
How about you? do you ever go out in your pyjamas?


  1. Ha ha! That is great! I like that, sisterhood of the traveling pj's.

    And congrats on the scarf!

  2. I'm totally stoked that you read my blog, LustyGirl -- so sad I didn't win your kid tho.

  3. how about slippers? to the shops? that count?

  4. Depends on whether your Current Husband forbids you.

  5. Heee heeee love your stories should write a book..
    Yes I have had LO scrappers block lol. I
    think it is moving house.
    How are you going ?

  6. YAY Toni, another one crossed off the list...BUT.... do we have a piccy of the 'famous scarf'??? hehehehe luv "sisterhood of the travelling jammies' xxxx

  7. Haha, I used to take you girls to school in my nightie some mornings and ran out of fuel on the way home one time.
    Hey, congrats on finishing the scarf. xxx

  8. My jammies are actually a ratty old tracksuit, so I just look scruffy and homeless when I throw on an old jacket to go out and get the paper.

  9. LMAO River, that's awesome.


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