Monday, July 12, 2010


I have a Certain Stalker Follower who checks my blog compulsively for new posts. What I'm thinkin' is, her boss needs to give her more to do...
So anyway, to keep the family peace, I thought I should make an effort to post every day. (Yes, of course she's Family, you don't seriously think I believe someone NOT related to me would be so interested in what I have to say?)
And here I am, waiting for inspiration....

oh, wait! that wasn't it.


gee, folks, how hard is it to write under pressure?

Accordingly, I've decided (just now) to make Monday -- MOAN DAY. Because, you know, it deserves it.

So, for my Inaugural Moan (it may be the last too, if I forget next Monday)

People Who Don't Bother To Have Their Mail Re-directed.


EVERY house I've moved into, I've spent the first couple of months re-addressing other peoples' mail. We're not talking Coles brochures, we're talking mail from banks, insurance companies, govt depts -- stuff that could be important. Might even contain cheques for all I know.

So far, and we've been here for 2 weeks only, we've had literally dozens of letters addressed to about 5 different surnames for the last tenants here, and I am NOT A FREAKIN POST OFFICE!
I resent having to make special trips to a post box in stormy weather with kids in the car, just to return YOUR freakin' mail. A re-direction service costs about $40 for 6 months, and then you contact the senders as the re-addressed mail comes in.
Now how hard is that, really?

So that's my moan for today; I have to go re-address some more mail now. TTFN.


  1. Hi Toni I agree with you about people having their mail redirected GRRRRRRRRRRRR.we get our mail redirected for a least 6 month every time we move and I wish other people would do the same!!!!!

  2. Toni.. i'm with you on this one girl!!!!! we ALWAYS paid to have ours redirected only to have to redirect OTHER PEOPLES FOR FREE!!!!!! ggggrrrrr.....

  3. I moved in here 7 1/2 years ago and for two years at least I got mail for the previous tenants. I had no forwarding address, so sent everything back to sender. Eventually I got tired of doing this so just tossed stuff in the bin unless it looked like something legal or important. Mostly it wasn't.

  4. Yes, I'm thinking I will do the same. I paid for my re-direction service, why should I re-direct theirs for free?


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