Sunday, July 18, 2010

sweet sundae....

Because I am planning to write grumpy posts on Moanday, I thought I should balance the sour with some sweet. SO -- the inaugural Sweet Sundae! in which I will post about some of the sweet things in my life. (and you just KNOW that my husband and kids are gonna feature here often, but not today)

1. friends who forgive
Ever done something bad to a friendship and really regretted it? I have. Fortunately, some of my friends are forgiving. Even when I didn't deserve it, they gave me a second chance. That's the definition of grace.
(this goes for sisters, too)

2. a beautiful, peaceful place to live
It won't always be this way, so I'm making the most of it.

3. Elmo pyjamas, with long sleeves and a long top that actually covers my kidneys, and cute flanny pants that keep my butt warm.

4. blue skies and sunshine --- however brief, they lift my day!

5. gingerbread men with M&M buttons. MMMM. Now THAT'S sweet!

PS the sundae pic came from here


  1. LURV your 'sweet sundae' post Toni!!!

  2. Gingerbread men!! I haven't had one of those in yonks!
    Loving your sweet sundae.

  3. What a great idea for a post! Good thinking, sweets!!!

  4. I really like your blog!! And this post. I love this idea! Everyone always rags on Mondays when really, we have a lot to love in this world :) Kudos!

  5. Thanks, Emma. I am slightly embarrassed that I now have a Monday Moan post up though =D

  6. Luv that sundae pic I haven't eaten one for years!!!!!!!!!!!heee heee

  7. Love your sweet list...maybe you'd like to add it to my Sweet Sunday Blog Hop....


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