Sunday, November 14, 2010


I've said before that scrapbooking is a bloodsport, definitely not for the faint-hearted.

NO WAIT -- come back -- this post isn't about scrapbooking, honest! Read on and you'll see.

A couple of years I noticed an enormous dent in my thigh, about the size of a matchbox and 1/2 cm deep. I kept an eye on it for a couple of weeks and it didn't go away so I started to get really nervous. What if it was bone cancer or some kind of muscle wasting disease? I Googled 'dent in my leg' and found thousands of other people having the same problem, caused by -- wait for it -- leaning your thigh against your desk or table!
Not. Even. Kidding.
In my case, it was from leaning against my table while scrapbooking. I stopped leaning, the dent went away.

Now yesterday, while making a nativity scene for a local kindy, I knocked my very pointy and very sharp Fiskars scissors off the table to my lap, and in trying to grab them, I drove them point first into my thigh.
They went in like a knife into butter and stuck there.
I had a visitor so I couldn't even investigate the damage right away. I had to hobble away to my bathroom and take off my (new) pants to see the wound, and of course now there was blood running everywhere and my (new) pants have a big hole in them.

The bleeding stopped quickly so I disinfected and slapped a band-aid on and went back to cutting out mangers and Wise Guys, but I told Fabio I should be getting more money for scrapbooking because it is dangerous. (he said but then I would just buy more dangerous stuff with it, and he can't let me do that. Clever, Fabio, clever.)


  1. Oh, your poor new pants!! No, seriously, I hope your leg is ok! If they are the scissors I'm thinking of, they definately LOOK dangerous!!

  2. They ARE! At least the kids know now why they should never touch Mums' good scissors :)

  3. LOL remember when I stabbed my wrist in the middle of a kids crafting class with kids scissors?

    Who would believe craft could be such a hazard!! Sorry about the new pants, and hope your thigh heals well :)

  4. Oh yeah! I do remember now. I was thinking I might have to swap for kids' scissors, but it seems they're no less dangerous :)

  5. Yep I know what you mean. I was doing free style sewing on my machine and had a needle break in my finger and also had scissors land in my leg....we need danger money !!!!!

  6. Ouch on the scissors, but meh! on the dent. I have permanent dents, one either side of my nose from wearing glasses.

  7. OMG I hope the legs OK :0 I've left you something on my blog just cos you crack me up each time I visit your blog TA :)

  8. LOL. Dent in leg!!! Professor Google has the answer to everything ...

  9. What a bugga......on the new pants.
    Ouch! and Hugs on the wound.
    And those kids scissors sliced open the skin between mt thumb and finger during a kids craft session at school.......*%#@

  10. Haha! Not to laugh at your misfortune, of course, but if scrapbooking is a sport, maybe you could become an Olympian??!! Seriously, I've found on-line scrapbooking to be MUCH more rewarding ...

    Happy travels!!

  11. I think DANGER MONEY is definitely the way to go!!!!!!!

  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

  13. Good article. Thank you.


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