Sunday, November 21, 2010

the worst four letter word

So today I decided it was time to change my sheets from flanny to cotton. And then because changing the sheets is not enough of a nail-breaker, I thought I would also change the valance. On our KING SIZE LATEX-MATTRESS bed.

I dragged the new linen from the cupboard where it's been hibernating through the winter, and then struggled a few minutes with the very worst four letter word I know.


{Sorry, I probably should have prepared you for that.... I'll give you a minute to recover.
... ... ... ...
you OK now? Good. OK. Let's get this over with. }

YES, the valance was crumpled and really, if I was going to go through all the nail-breaking and back-twinging, I should at least make sure the thing was going to look good when it was finished, yes?

So -- out came the ironing board, then I hunted a few minutes for the iron {don't be rolling your eyes like that, we've only been here 5 months and I haven't used it since I unpacked it.}
I plugged it in, and took a deep breath, and began ironing.

The Princess skipped in.

"What are you doing, Mummy? Can I watch?"
Then a gasp.
"I know what that is!" she cried. "That's a IRON! Isn't it, Mum? A IRON! That's what that is!"
Then she sighed happily. "Wow."

You think I need to iron more?


  1. LOL!!
    I haven't replaced my iron since the dog chewed thru the cord(months ago!)......haven't had a need for it and definately dont miss it!!
    But I bet your bed looks beautiful right about now

  2. Once upon a time I had a job where I didn't have to wear business I have to iron a shirt every morning. Protect your daughter. Ironing is evil :)

  3. Yeah... I'm with Loz. I was going to say IRON LESS before I even read his comment! And lets be realistic. What kind of person comes into someone else's home and LOOKS AT THEIR VALANCE??!! Let alone criticizing it for not being ironed?

    Happy travels!!

  4. You know, if I had a valance, I'd probably iron it. If I could find the iron.
    I don't even iron my work shirts.


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