Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my new bedtime partners

Well, I have no man to take to bed now -- not for the nextsixweeks (I say that fast so it doesn't seem so scary).
So instead I'll be curling up with these

MMMMMM. Books.

I love to read, always have. In primary school I loved Enid Blyton, Trixie Belden and Mary Grant Bruce, Agatha Christie, Wuthering Heights, and Lorna Doone.
In early high school I started reading Desmond Bagley (Running Blind is still one of my favourite reads, and has instilled in me a strong desire to visit Iceland), Wilbur Smith (before they turned into porn books) and Robert Ludlum (odd choice for a 15 year old girl).

Now, my shelves are filled with childhood favourites (I still love you, Norah and Wally); old friends -- Stephen King, Jodi Picoult, Sarah Rayne, Jeffrey Deaver, Preston/Child, Matthew Reilly, Tad Williams; and new loves -- Lauren Weisberger, Jeff Lindsay (Dexter), Jan Guillou and Stieg Larsson.

And of course, with Christmas coming up, the bookstores are filling up with treasures.
I have a long list of WANTS -- John Howards' Lazarus Rising, a new Stephen King collection called Full Dark No Stars , a new Kathy Reichs book called Virals , Paul Kellys' How To Make Gravy , Kevin McClouds' Grand Designs Handbook (he's been described as the Thinking Womans' Crumpet), Oliver Sacks' The Minds' Eye, and Parkys' People by the inestimable Michael Parkinson.

I might just ask for a great big voucher in my stocking this year!


  1. I'd be very happy with that stack of loveliness... but I know it's not quite the same thing as a big stack of Fabio, right?

    I haven't read a Jeffrey Deaver in years. I used to devour him. x

  2. you certainly can't go past a GOOD BOOK (when hubby is away that is!!!) ENJOY YOUR BOOK STACK Toni xxxxx and fingers crossed for you xams stocking!!!!!

  3. Toni, when you have a bit of spare time... pop over to my blog, there is a little something there for you!!! xxxx

  4. Looks like a good stack. The early Wilbur Smith's were great weren't they? I had a whole bunch of them, don't quite remember what happened to them. I think one of my kids has them. Kathy Reichs is one of my favourites. Virals is on my library list. Six weeks huh?

  5. I've just bought the new Kate Morton. I love her. Cannot wait to get stuck in. Just waiting for an appropriate few hours.


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