Monday, November 1, 2010

so when is a prank not funny?

We don't celebrate Halloween. Not in a "get thee hence, O Prince of Darkness!" kind of way, we're just not into it. Plus we've been living in the Back of Beyond for yonks.
So I've been kind of surprised at the way this (American) holiday has taken off. And, you know, whatever blows your hair back. If you're into it, go for it.
But what's with the pranks?

I was reading this morning about a man who had a heart attack while chasing some kids who egged his car as a prank.
Hello? Parents? what are you teaching your kids if they think it's acceptable to egg someones' car?

Now, I know Halloween isn't directly responsible for this. It's parents abdicating their responsibilities, and failing to teach their kids some basic respect for other peoples' property, failing to teach them that actions have consequences (and some of those consequences may involve a spanking, or grounding, or forfeiture of pocket money)
It's those kids using this as an excuse to behave like bloody hooligans.

And sadly, in this 'modern' age, I doubt any of those kids will face any kind of consequences for this pretty reprehensible behaviour.

Tough love, people. We need to bring it back.


  1. I totally agree Toni!!
    Sometimes words are not enough, sometimes kids NEED a smack on the butt as a wake up call.


  3. I agree with you, egging etc is bad and more discipline is required , but then again if the man had just turned the hose on his car instead of giving chase, he might be alive today.

  4. Totally agree with the Halloween thing - even the Americans seem a little vague about what it's supposed to be commemorating? As for the child thing - I've got my (very strong) views, but as I'm childless, I'll keep them to myself!!

    Happy travels!!


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