Tuesday, November 16, 2010


In keeping with my new mission to pimp my kids on Junior Masterchef teach my kids to cook, I had Mr Nearly9 make lamb kebabs the other night.
He soaked some kebab sticks in lemon juice and water, then ran off to watch Dex Hamilton.
When he got back, he threaded juicy lamb onto the sticks, then sprinkled them with a mix of cumin, ginger and garam masala.
I wasn't watching him for the whole of this, but he knew to turn the kebabs and sprinkle the other side as well.
Then he sloshed on some olive oil, and put them under the griller.
He and The Princess chopped cucumber, grape tomatoes, red capsicum, and celery into a salad, with some fresh basil and parsley from the garden.
And he chopped mint and mixed it with some plain yoghurt. Then he made some Mediterranean couscous (from a packet).
It was a delicious dinner, each step was easy and well within his capabilities.

I still have to talk the whole time, explaining everything. He listens well, though.

And we get to spend some quality time together, while teaching him a valuable skill! Win-win, I reckon.


  1. Stop, I'm salivating!! But does this mean there's a spin-off blog -How I pimped my kid on JMC - on it's way??!!

    Happy travels!!

  2. WHAT a great idea! I need a new blog....

  3. That's awesome! I'm hoping my little munchkin will be inspired to cook in a few years time.


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