Saturday, November 6, 2010

headlice and mozzies and worms, oh my!

Don't come any closer. We're infested.

We have mozzie bites that are driving us mad with itching and I've been trying all kinds of bizarre recommendations, but nothing seems to help. I have 3 on my arms that weep from the constant scratching. It's a good look.

Last night while scratching my itchy head I pulled a nit off one of those fine little hairs at the nape of my neck. FREAK OUT! So now I have a shower cap on top of my matted lice-treatment-reeking wet hair, to go with the weeping sores on my arms. The kiddies don't have any so it's a complete mystery to me how I managed to get them.

And the kids tell me this morning their bottoms are itchy..... you know what this means.

I feel like trailer trash.


  1. OOOOHH!! Toni, what a start to the weekend :( :( it can only get better :) :)

  2. As soon as you've scratched the mozzie bites, dab them all with Dettol. Stops the itching and stops infection too.
    Wash your bedding in very hot water and something to kill any lice there? I've never had lice, nor have my kids, so I don't know much about getting rid of them.
    You know the treatment for worms already, I'm sure. Treat everybody in the household at the same time, yourself included, then again in two weeks.

  3. Mozzies just love me, and I come out in lovely red welts that itch like you know what. As for the lice, they don't survive off the head, try tons of conditioner and a fine comb... good luck... PS you made me itchy just reading this post... BONUS! ciao Lisa

  4. Yeah don't worry -- I'm well versed in the arts of getting rid of lice. Never saw one in my life till we moved out into the desert towns. Now I couldn't tell you how many times we've had them.

    River -- NOTHING is working on these bites. They're insane.


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