Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm so grateful....

Maxabella hosts a Grateful Hop each week, and though I'm late with this post, I have a good reason.

Now brace yourselves, this is going to seem very scary....

My internet connection carked it.

I know! Terrifying!

For days I've had sporadic connection -- maybe a minute at a time, not enough to read my blog list, or make a post, or even change my status on Facebook.
To those who are not on-line junkies, that sounds like " big deal! " -- but lemmee tell ya, to me it WAS a big deal.

I live a lot on-line. I Skype my man, I read the news, I play games, I learn stuff, I find recipes, I keep in touch with my friends, and I find inspiration. To suddenly be cut off from all that was like a form of torture.

However, for the time being it's staying steady -- and so today I'm grateful for the internet.
heart heart heart.


  1. Ark! Cut off from real civilisation. You must have been terrified. LOL. But, I kinda get it... I do.

    Thanks for linking up, lovely. x

  2. Oh, horrors! I would be lost without the internet. But hey, maybe my house would get clean. Wishing you strength. xx :)

  3. A shocking state of affairs indeed!

  4. Ha Ha @ Wanderlust. I'm the same. It's internet or housework. Usually internet.

  5. I sooo get it!!!! I would have been a basketcase rocking backwards and forwards in the corner if it happened to me ;)

  6. Yeah well, you're not going to get to the end of your life and look back and say 'gee, I wish I'd spent more time doing housework', are you?!?!

    Happy travels!!

  7. OH Toni, WHAT A DISASTER!!!! COULDNT function without mine :( xx


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