Monday, November 15, 2010

i can't leave the house

Every month, I have a few days where I can't leave the house.
I can't be more than a few feet from a bathroom.
It's ridiculous.

I want to stab those carefree girls in their white pants. And then eat chocolate.
Bring on menopause, I say.


  1. Oh Toni. That must suck! Strap on a maternity pad, slip into some black pants and get yourself some chocolate! I know what you mean about menopause. Once you are done with the babies, what is it all about?

  2. Go and see a doctor and get something done about it. I was so like you, but since I had the abolashen I don't have any trouble..It was only day surgery..
    People that can wear white pants annoy me I am 45 and I still get them dirty. I am worse than a 5 yr old kid

  3. I know how that feels! I was exactly the same right up until I went on the pill this time. Luckily (fingers crossed) it seems to be working this time, but is rather expensive, because its not on PBS! Totally worth it though.

  4. I'm so thinking about the pill. I have a sensitivity to it, makes my eyes feel funny -- and I don't want to go near an IUD -- but this is ridiculous.
    And yeah -- once you've had your babies, you should be just able to hit the STOP button.

  5. They need an option that goes beyone "Super Plus". Maybe those engineers who finally figured out how to cap the pipe in the Gulf can get together with Tampax and make something happen.

  6. PMSL!

    I so have to write them a letter now.

  7. Oh, a topic so close to my heart! I've just gone back on the pill but have had quite a few "well meaning" friends tell me that I shouldn't. These are usually people that have irregular periods that last for about 5 minutes and they hardly know they're having them. I'm with you, I HATE it. Now that I've shared that information with a total stranger can I just say that i LURVE your blog. I've just become your latest follower, come over and check out mine anytime. All the way from Qatar. Kirsty

  8. HHHMMMmmm... menopause was thrust upon me after the ever-increasing length/heaviness/pain/blah-ness every month was taken away by the big H! SO ... knowing what I know now, would I exchange all of that for hot flushes, mood swings and weight gain? You BETCHA! No regrets, and I've got the first pair of whities I've had in YEARS! No harm in exploring options with a good gynie!!

    Happy travels!!

  9. I remember those days and I'm so glad they're gone forever. Hooray for hysterectomies!
    Still don't wear white pants though, I'd never keep them clean more than 5 minutes.

  10. I'm with Maree, Toni GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!! and "Red Nomad OZ" you got it in one !!!!!!!!!! I had huge dramas but i wouldnt trade my hysterectomy for ANYTHING!!! AND I STILL DONT OWN ANY WHITE PANTS hehehehe!!!!!

  11. Only people in ads wear white pants. But I'm with the others - there must be a solution of some kind. Fingers crossed you find it!

  12. One word - PONSTAN - you can get it over the counter at the chemist. It changed my life :) (don't know you, but adore your blog- very real)
    tash o


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