Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my very own masterchef

So, in keeping with my new resolution to teach the kids to cook, last night, with absolutely no warning, I said to Mr Nearly9, "You're cooking dinner tonight, bud. Spaghetti and meatballs. Away you go."
His eyes lit up. "Right!" he said, and actually dusted off his hands with squared shoulders as he headed for the pantry.
No hesitation. (just like his dad)
Through my laughter, I told him he would have to listen while I explained what to do. (no freestylin' here till you have a few years cooking under your belt!)

I had bought meatballs from the butcher (not great, mine are much better. My thinking was to start simple but in retrospect, I should have made the meatballs at home.)
Anyway, I showed him how to make a simple pasta sauce with canned tomatoes, tomato paste, lemon rind, and herbs from the garden. He did all the work himself, though he needed a little help opening the can.
He dropped the meatballs in and kept turning them without splashing too much sauce around, then he cooked pasta with butter and chopped parsley.

This morning he said, "Mum. Next I wanna tackle a stir-fry."

Cool. I have JUST the recipe.


  1. Most kids love to cook and just think in a few years time you can kick back relax with a nice glass of red and be waiting upon by your DS! Lovely.

  2. This is great Toni, but i have one suggestion.. TEACH THEM TO CLEAN UP AFTERWARDS AS WELL hehehehehehehe 'keep on cookin'

  3. oh yes! as long as there's no cream in it, because the cream will split.


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