Friday, January 7, 2011

about Lori...

People who don't blog are often critical of social networking media. Especially "mummy-bloggers'.

They claim blogging is narcissistic, shallow, boring, stupid - etc etc....

They're so wrong.

Mummy-bloggers are a community. Sure, you get your problems, people who seem hell-bent on causing trouble, but they are few and far between, and on the whole, mummy-bloggers form supportive friendships on-line, just as they would IRL.

Take Lori, for example.

If you've ever read her blog, you'll know, she's funny, warm, and REAL -- a fabulous mum to two little kids, and wife to her husband, Tony, her soul-mate.

Right now, Tony is in ICU, fighting for his life. I don't know any more than that, and I can only imagine how terrified Lori must be. Hospitals are overwhelming places to be in, and you feel so lost and helpless, waiting by a loved ones' bedside.

She's asking for prayers, on her husbands' behalf, prayers for healing and health.

And we're asking, that on Loris' behalf, you read this post, pray, and join the FYBF hop, which is being hosted at Wanderlust.
If you can, consider making a small donation to help Lori right now. There is a link on Wanderlusts' post.

But above all, pray. Spread the word, and pray.


  1. The universe once again reminds us of how quickly things can change. We have a tenuous, fickle grasp on life and we each need to let go of the small stuff and revel in the good.

    Came here from the blog hop, I think it will be a sombre FYBF today as we all ponder on life.

  2. I feel as though Lori is a part of my family.
    People that are negative about people forming relationships via blogging need to look at how many of us feel that connection to Lori, and to lots of others as well.

  3. I lost my breath this morning when I read about the lovely Lori's situation. I hope by some miracle Tony pulls through...

  4. Well done, from one member of our blessed community to another. x

  5. Who cares where your support network comes from as long as it's there when you need it?

    Hope today is a good news day for Lori.


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