Tuesday, January 11, 2011

rain, rain, GO AWAY!

This is so bizarre.

I'm sitting at my computer, warm and dry in WA, chatting to people on-line who are digging trenches and laying sandbags in an effort to keep rising flood waters out of their homes. They've shopped and made sure they have food, candles, batteries, fresh water... they've made emergency plans should they have to evacuate.

I rang my mum, who's in Nth Qld, because I saw a flash flood warning for the area she lives in, and I thought immediately of the devastation in Toowoomba yesterday. She said it was only spitting but she's keeping a close eye on the weather maps and news, because she runs a caravan park on the coast. She'll go straight to my sisters' on a hill, if it looks like raining heavily.

We're glued to the 24 hour ABC news, watching massive amounts of water moving through my home state. And we're hoping that all my family and friends stay safe.


  1. my thoughts are with everyone in QLD as well Toni, my sister lives on the Sunshine Coast and many of our friends live in different affected parts of QLD... VERY SCARY STUFF!!!!!

  2. Scary to see so many places we've visited in drier times now under water. And the 'wet' season is only half way through. It's just unbelieveable and if it's that way for me, I can't imagine what those in the middle of it must be feeling. So sad to see such massive devastation.

  3. I'm worried about Queensland too. I hope your mum is okay.


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