Thursday, January 27, 2011

Basil and his mates

This house has a fairly small backyard which is mostly full of a tree and a huge shed, so there isn't any room for a veggie garden.
So I have to grow stuff in pots or in the front garden.
Being a fresh herb addict, there are a few 'must-haves' which I've already planted, and now that I know I won't be moving overseas anytime soon, I can start planting the rest.
It's amazing how much will grow in pots in a nice sunny position.

Here's Basil. He's delicious with some warm pasta, a little olive oil and a few grape tomatoes.

And here are the Scarborough Fair Quads





You're singing the song in your head, right now, aren't you? Uh-huh.

oregano. Or maybe sweet marjoram.

chillies (yes, not a herb, but aren't they pretty?)

Lastly, mint -- for the mojitos, you know. MMMMM. Mojitos....
(poor mint has had a beating from the caterpillars but he'll bounce back in no time.)

I'd like to get some tomatoes growing soon. I have 4 or 5 different varieties to plant. I would like to track down more varieties of basil, and try to get coriander to grow (never have had any luck with it).
If we had the space, I'd plant corn and beans and snowpeas and capsicums and lettuce too. Home-grown tastes so much better than supermarket!

* This post was inspired by River's garden. Thanks River!


  1. MMMMmmm... MINT FOR MOJITO's!!!!!!!

    your garden is lookin' good girl!!!!!

  2. You're welcome Toni. Capsicums and beans will do well in pots, that's where mine are. Well, they're in recycling tubs with holes drilled into the bottom.
    Corn needs to be grown in a square or grid and close together so the pollen from the top of each stalk will drop or drift onto the next stalk, so you only need a small space for it. You can do 16 plants in a 4x4 grid. It grows tall so you can plant a bean at the base of each one to climb up the stalk. I've never done this but I've read about it. I did manage to grow a little corn one year, but it takes a lot of water. Too little and the kernels don't form properly.
    Good luck. Are you going to try chocolate basil? How about chocolate mint? And sage is wonderful made into a cooling iced tea with lemon balm.

  3. Oh I love home-grown herbs. I have quite a few ... with varying success. Have also tomatoes growing but have never had great luck with them. My chillis, basil and mint seem indestructable though.

  4. Oooh YUM - I love herbs


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