Sunday, January 2, 2011

party like it's 2011

Seems everyone is posting about resolutions just now.

I don't have any. (unless I pinch my sisters' idea, which she says is to drink more and exercise less. Can't fail.)

Instead, I'm going to tell you how we spent our razzle-dazzle, non-stop-excitement NYE.

First, we ate our dinner, with the kiddies dropping peas and arguing over elbows. Then we showered and dressed in our best PJs, tucked the kiddies into bed (with their own elbows) and settled down on the couch to watch SALT.

And the power went out.

For over an hour.

So we put on head-lamps, and read our books. (Fabio had a Stephen King, I'm re-re-re-re-reading Harry Potter).

Then we went to bed. Where the real celebrating may or may not have taken place.

(OK... not. It was late, and we were tired.)

Party animals. I know.


  1. Headlamps?
    You have headlamps? What a great idea!
    I must get one....because reading by candlelight is not fun. At all.

  2. Hope you have had a chance to see Salt. Headlamps only seems fitting really!! LOL
    Happy New Year my friend

  3. Woo Hoo! Sounds almost as exciting as ours!! And NY resolutions are WAAAAY overrated - I find it more meaningful to resolve anything that needs resolving on my birthday!!

    Happy 2011!!

  4. LOL you're a crack up girl :) Oh and resolutions are soooo over-rated LOL

  5. My new new year's resso is to get LOML and I matching headlamps!! We have blackouts all the time but I am not clever enough to think of wiling away the hours reading via headlamp. Love it.

    LOML will be disappointed, though, as he actually enjoys blackouts due to the ambience of candlelight lighting up something else... but really, headlamps!! x

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  7. Wow. Maybe I should get a gyroscope rather than headlamps?


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