Wednesday, January 5, 2011

in my front yard....

It's Wordless Wednesday at My Little Drummer Boys.

** Mr and Mrs. Blue Wren **

** bird(s) on a wire **

**flowers (obviously) (but the photos looked odd since the others had a caption) (oops-- words!) (see! I just CANT shut up!) **


  1. Ooooh... gorgeous!! Makes me want to come visit (even more).

  2. So put the words down here instead! That's a superb fairy wren, right?

  3. Sssshh! It's WORDLESS Wednesday....

    Gorgeous birds, the first blue wrens I've ever seen.

  4. They're Splendid Fairy Wrens, close relative to the Superb.
    Gorgeous little things, I just love them. The breeding male is blue, and the females and juveniles are brown with a bluey-green sheen to the tail.

  5. How amazing and gorgeous are those Wrens.
    Happy WW !

  6. We were watching the female wrens hopping about the other day, but never got to see the magnificently blue male :( I will have to show Princess when she wakes up so she knows we weren't making it up, LOL

    Thanks for stopping by, happy belated WW!

  7. Love the frangipani flowers (really hope I identified them correctly) The birds look like they are having fun in the yard :)


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