Saturday, January 15, 2011

switching off

When things get too much for me, I retreat.

I unplug the phone

I blog-hop and watch YouTube.

I play computer games

I read

I re-charge.

*image from teresa mcnamara

What about you? What do you do when the world crowds in too close?


  1. I walk around in circles,
    then I try to start something to no avail.
    I blog hop and for get where I have been.
    I walk into the pantry to try to find something to eat.
    I then end up on the bed with a book and unless it is really good and sucks me in I would have no idea what I have read.

  2. LOL -- yes, I'm guilty of all those things too!!

  3. Glass of wine and shoot some zombies.

  4. A long hot bath with plenty of bubbles, candles and trashy magazines.

    I usually have to get out in 5 minutes with a child banging on the door yelling for mummy.

  5. Lock the doors, ignore the phone, read blogs, or go to bed with a good book and read until I fall asleep.
    In cooler weather, I might get out to a beach and wander along the water's edge until I feel ready to head home and start over.

  6. Yeah, I'm a retreater! Anything I can immerse myself in works - but laying in the bath reading is the best antidote!! Preferably with a glass of wine and/or something to nibble on at hand!

  7. I hide from the world in my house. No answering the phone or mobile. Put baby boy in front of the T.V (cos I'm mother of the year) and then I either clean my house from top to bottom or sit on my bum and surf the net :)

  8. glass of wine, block of choccy & a chick flick (usually Pretty Woman or a Sandra Bullock movie) and DONT answer the phone or the door!!!!!!!


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