Friday, January 28, 2011

a cyclone? are you kidding me?

Currently, TC Bianca has decided to take a trip down south and is coming to see us. She's rated at a 3 right now -- they say she could degrade to a 1 as she hits us, but then again, cyclones are known to be capricious and she could gather her skirts and stomp right over us.

It's REALLY hot and sticky today, and the leaves are just hanging down like they've been painted on. I've got one eye on the sky (very grey) as I run around, taking down hanging baskets, gathering kids toys and bikes, shifting the barbie, the outdoor setting and the stuff in the shed (which we know leaks in any heavy rain)
They're saying it'll cross the coast on Sunday morning so I have plenty of time but a LOT to do.
The beach is only 200 m away and this is a low lying area, but truly you don't expect cyclones this far south. If you stand on tiptoe you can nearly see Antarctica, for crying out loud. We've only had one before, as far as anyone can remember.

Anyway, I must be off. I have to tape windows and panic buy all the milk and bread in town.


  1. Bloody hell heres hoping shes a nice ole gal and decides to calm down. Good luck I'll have my fingers crossed for you!!!

  2. Got one heading for us Sunday night / Monday morning as well. Be safe. Love you xx

  3. here's hoping 'she' takes a chill pill Toni, if not.. stay safe!!!

  4. Wow - fingers crossed that all is well! (Love the image of the painted leaves.)

  5. You can almost see Antarctica? I thought you were in QLD. Probably I've mixed you up with someone else.
    Let's hope Bianca spots something shiny "over there" and veers off to see what it is.

  6. Hang in there honey.
    I used to live in FNQ and had a few come through while we were there.
    Most notably TC Steve, who got us twice - when it first crossed the coast, then when it reformed in the gulf and followed us on holidays to WA and got us again in Esperance.

  7. Hey - take care and stay safe. Thinking of you.

  8. I'm meant to be at a conference tomorrow, I'm hoping it's not gale force winds blowing or there is no chance I'm driving.


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