Monday, January 10, 2011


I'm staring at this screen through a blur of tears tonight.

Most of my readers will have read about Lori and her husband, Tony. Their story is so sad and has touched the hearts of so many, and I've been crying all day on and off thinking of them.

Through comments left for Lori, I've been reading other stories, just as heart-breaking, just as unfair.
And I guess a little part of me remembers my own pain and grief, in the first few years after I lost Levi. It's had me thinking a lot today, about life, and love, and loss.

Someone once said that grief is the price we pay for love. The more we love someone, the more fiercely it hurts when we lose them. And, oh God, it's a high price. Grief breaks us apart, and changes us forever. We're overwhelmed by pain, drowned in it, taken over by it. Like the floods in Toowoomba today.
Our love for them never dies. Never.

It's only gradually, and with love from those who love us, that we're able to find our feet again, to begin to live instead of merely existing. It takes a long time for us to heal.
So be patient with us. Be gentle. We're living with pain you cannot imagine.


  1. I use this quote all the time as well. It's so true. And the healing, yes, it takes a long time, sometimes forever. Hugs and warmest wishes to you x

  2. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} I'm hearin ya xx

  3. I've been crying for Lori too.
    There's so many sad stories out there.

  4. Just beautiful Toni. And so true. Much love to you, and to our beautiful Lori. xo

  5. Lovely. Have also been thinking of Lori and what she's going through right now. Love to both of you xo


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