Monday, January 17, 2011

castles and handbags

The Princess turned 6 back at the beginning of the month, but we had her party on Friday. She invited 3 other little girls, and we had the party at our local scrapbooking supplies shop.
The girls made a cute doohickey to hang their hairclips on, and had a ball!

Here is the cupcake stand I made:

I didn't come up with this myself, the original was made by the fabulous Nerrida at Kaisercraft.

Here are the party bags:

and the loot. (not many lollies, as you can see)

It was nice to take some time out from all the sadness, just for a little while.


  1. Toni, it sounds like 'the princess' had a fab day, and her castle and lolly bags are AMAZING!!!!!

  2. Her castle is AMAZING!! I want one at my next party..... hope my little bunny rabbit had a beautiful day xox

  3. Oh seriously, that cake stand is brilliant! I must copy it :D

  4. Wow! Your cake is really amazing. It looks so creative!

    nice post!

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  5. I didn't know scrapbooking places did parties.
    I love the castle cake stand.

  6. That party bag is great. I hate the ones just filled with cheap lollies. (Mainly because I have to eat them all myself to stop the kids eating them, hence I still haven't lost my baby weight from two years ago ;)

  7. Your blog made me hungry..thank's for sharing your wonderful cake you made...more picture please...

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