Tuesday, February 14, 2012

can you waltz on crutches?

I'm not, on the whole, an adventurous sort of a girl.
My ambitions are small ones -- finish Assassins Creed Brotherhood with all the side missions completed, celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary by shagging my husband to a standstill, don't burn the toast....

... but I have harboured a secret passion for many, many years.

I want to dance.

You know, if I could light up the floor like Ginger, I'd be thrilled to bits, but even just to be able to get round the floor with my man and not look like I'm having a fit would be so cool.

SO -- today I took my first private lesson.

And it was gorgeous!! I got totally ballsed up a lot but a couple of times, just for a split second, I WAS DANCING!!! and it felt amazing. Just as I'd always imagined it would feel.
I couldn't stop smiling.

However, *note to self for next week*

right foot back, step to the side, feet together, then LEFT FOOT BACK.

Really. OWIES. But smiling.


  1. OMG that look sore! I'm sitting here cringing. Wounds to the nail and nail-bed are excruciating.

    I hope you keep going with the lessons, you'll be floating on that floor in no time.

  2. You know, it didn't even hurt that much. I kept dancing until my shoe got too slippery from blood (srsly) and then I had to tell the instructor I needed a tissue.
    It's hurting now, though, you bet.

  3. Ouch.
    Yay for having fun dancing. I'm sure it will continue to go wonderfully.

  4. OMG Toni ... that looks NASTY !!!!!
    good on ya for going back for round 2 next week !!!!!!

  5. Owww!!
    Your first dancing injury - your career begins.
    :-) x

  6. this makes you a fully fledged dancer now Toni.
    Oh but does look sore :0(

  7. Oooh, ouch! Here, have a bandaid...
    I wonder if it would be a good idea to wear steel capped boots until you learn which way the feet are meant to step. It would make gliding around the floor a bit awkward, but it would save your toes.
    I've always wanted to be able to dance like Ginger, and like Michael Jackson too.

  8. I've just ordered some closed toe shoes, River -- I thought hard about steel caps, don't you worry!

  9. Ow! But so glad you were dancing! I love to kitchen dance with my husband when we are cooking! It is so much fun!


    I can't believe you sustained such a graphic injury. Are you en pointe?!?!

    But, wow, good for you, Toni. I absolutely love that you're following your dream like this. Can't wait to hear next time that you're doing a rumba! x

  11. I've always wanted to learn Irish Step and finally found a place that taught 'older children and adult' Adult was singular [me] and older children meant they were out of diapers - all my class mates were 8 and had been taking Step for yeeeeears. I broke my great toe the first class . . and again 6 weeks later . . . and 6 months later.
    Michael Flately still weeps.

  12. Maxabella -- nope, just didn't move the correct foot, and my partners' shoe took my nail off as he stepped forward.
    And Dazey, OMG... just... omg. You're SO BRAVE to keep going, though. RESPECT.

  13. Dancing and other forms of physical art are SO MUCH FUN!

    But yes, they are also so much pain. I hope you are brave enough to go back, this is a great learning experience to help avoid pain next time. ;-)

    Keep having fun!

  14. Ouch!! That would totally be me too.

    Good luck with your lessons. You're so brave for doing this :D


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