Saturday, February 4, 2012

fresh horses

So Eden has a meme. And it's called Edens' Fresh Horses Brigade. Which, even if you've never heard of Eden (what, you've been living under a rock?) should tell you, this is no ordinary meme.

Today, we're showing something very personal, very unique, very special. Hand-writing.

Go on, check it out. You know you want to.


  1. Ok Toni your writing is BEAUTIFUL! Seriously beautiful. Thank you so much for joining up (and your kind words!) .. I was worried nobody would want to do it with me!

    xx eden

  2. You have beautiful handwriting Toni. How lovely is it to break out the old fashioned ink?! Just quietly, I have quite the collection of different types of pens and different coloured inks. :)

  3. I love your writing. It's pretty! It needs to be a font so that I can use it too :P

  4. I like your handwriting also, and like the idea of it being a font. Fonts are so much fun!

  5. Your handwriting is lovely and has one zooming through your words with ease.
    I love that your kids will be able to see your handwriting and your grandkids. I Adore looking at the backs of photo's my long departed Gran has written on, just to have that contact with her.

  6. Well, thank you all!!

    I started using my hand-writing more when I got copies of my grandfathers' war records and saw all these forms filled out with his own hand. It was beautiful and very precious, to think he had actually writtten those words himself.
    And I thought, maybe my kids or grandkids will feel that one day.


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