Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Selections -- rigging

Once again, I'm joining in on Sunday Selections over at Kims' place. You could play along too, if you want. Click over to Kims' blog and link up.

Alright, any moment now it's going to become apparent that I don't have even one nautical bone in my body.
So pardon my ignorance of what many of these objects are, and just enjoy their beauty.

All this shippy eye-candy can be found in Albany, WA. This is a replica of the brig Amity, which was re-built using traditional methods and materials.


  1. Lovely photos. I took similar pics when I went on a cruise one afternoon. I had no idea what they were either :)

  2. I am completely ignorant too. Which doesn't interfer in the least with appreciated their beauty. Thank you so much.

  3. lol I know that the first one is an anchor and the lovely wooden thing is a pulley block and the pointy thing at the front of the boat is the bow sprit.
    YAY I will finish showing off now lol. Hubby used to be a prof fisherman and I spent a lot of time on wooden boats before children made me nervous about large expanses of water.
    I love photos of boats and all the lovely ropey things :)

  4. I love the detail in the wood carving! Beautiful!

  5. OHhh Toni who cares what the objects are !!!!
    Great photography of a wonderful ship.

  6. I agree with Ann ... FAB PICS Toni !!!!! who cares WHAT they actually are LOL

  7. Yep - zero knowledge but plenty of appreciation here too.

  8. I recognised the anchor right away, then some ropes and pulleys, lots more ropes, masts and spars,and that thing at the end is a flag....there's decking and the hull too.
    Really great photos Toni!

  9. Isn't it fantastic how these ships are built? So incredibly clever and beautifully made.
    Nice shots too!

  10. Thanks everyone, for your lovely comments! We really enjoyed looking over the ship so I hope you did too.

  11. I spent a lot of time near the water growing up and I just love to see photos of ships like you've shared today. Beautiful shots! :)


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