Sunday, February 26, 2012

damn it to the depths of hell

This is me, trying to squint my way through those bloody be-damned Captcha things.

(image nabbed from here)

I've had that mongrel thing turned off for ever, and I constantly forget to check my spam for days, even weeks at a time, and there's usually only one or two in there.

PLEASE won't you consider turning it off? think of the children crows' feet.


  1. Toni i had mine turned off for a while and i got the most EXTRAORDINARY POSTS !!!! and we will leave it at 'extraordinary' so i turned mine back on .... SORRY !!! xxx

  2. Completely understanding you and have been that "picture" myself!

  3. I don't have any trouble deciphering the two words, but because others do, I've turned mine off.

    I've kind of convinced myself when they come up that it means that I am recognised as being so super freaking awesome that I need to prove to the world that I am actually human and not some robot superforce about to take over the world.... all while squinting.

  5. Rebel, I hear you!

    "prove you're not a robot".

    It's kind of belligerent, isn't it?

    River, are you having any trouble?

    Scrappin Girl, I'm sad to hear that. My built-in Blogger spam filter catches it all, I've never had any trouble.

  6. No trouble so far. One anonymous comment that I completely don't understand, that's all.

  7. No trouble so far. One anonymous comment that I completely don't understand, that's all.

  8. LOL. The words are fun! They're great for creating brand new vocab. I'll send you some glasses ... (Miss Marple)

  9. I'm with you all the way ... I don't have it on, and I DO get 'interesting' comments, but I find the spam filter is actually pretty good?? Or is that just me? I have terrible trouble deciphering some of the word verification words - but it sounds like that's just me as well ... Bummer!

  10. Click - click - click - nope, still can't understand it - click - click...sometimes I just give up!! IT'S THE WORST.


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