Saturday, February 25, 2012

in which I reveal how shallow I am

Linking up with Maxabella Loves....

I am grateful for THINGS.
I mean, like ... STUFF. Objects. Of luxury.

I'm grateful for my huge enormous king-sized bed, my flat pillow that looks more like a fat pillowcase, my crisp cotton sheets, my woollen doona, my beautiful white pin-tucked doona cover, and the 6 pillows and 7 cushions that Fabio calls fripperies and I call essential for my well-being.

I'm grateful for coffee in my Freo mug, and I don't care that most of the country mocks them, they are My Boys and I love that damn cup. I will love the Big Silver One more when we win it.

I'm grateful for head lice lotion. You got kids, you know why.

I'm grateful for my beautiful Dr Who bracelet that I wrote about a couple of posts down, not because it helps save kittens or fund cancer research or fight domestic abuse, but it's pretty and fun and I love Dr Who.

I'm grateful for books, and reading them snuggled in bed with a cup of coffee in my Freo mug, and not scratching, and listening to the soft chingle of my charms when I turn the page.

And my glasses. VERY grateful for my glasses.


  1. Not one bit shallow, Toni! Come on, at the end of the day these are exactly the kind of things we're all grateful for (like my bed pun?). Whatever gets us through it, I reckon!

    I can't tell you how enormously happy I am to see you linking up.


    See, you even get an emoticon, I'm that pleased.


  2. If i ever finally get a king sized bed i promise to write a grateful post all about that bed and pillows too - sounds heavenly and worth being grateful for (add in books and i might never leave the bedroom)

  3. I'm grateful foe my Q/S bed and 4 pillows, 1 Upillow and 2 cushions and 5 teddy bears that go on it.

    Everyone needs some type of frippery in their life.


  4. Things that make you smile are wonderful. Glory in them!

  5. Most worthy of gratitude.
    Shallow is having loads of s%6t and not appreciating any of it if you ask me!
    Actually, no. That's 'ungrateful'!!
    :-) xx

  6. Argh, head lice! *scratches* Hate those suckers.

    I would like fripperies, but husband is such a PITA about them.

    I like stuff. Stuff is good.

  7. Yes, if I ever get a king sized bed I will write grateful things about it for a month. There is no room for me on my queen bed, even with a skinny assed husband, because the big dog takes up half of the bed, and the little dog takes up my feet area. It will be heavenly, and wonderful, and I may just sleep an entire weekend away in it just because I can.

    I'm jealous of your "shallowness" and wish I had me some.

  8. Coffee... and my pillow... always at the top of my list, and not one bit shallow.


  9. I would love a king sized bed, and I know the day I discover one of my kids has lice I will love that lotion too ;)

  10. Freo mug? (must google)
    I'm grateful for all of my material possessions too, what would life be without them? My books, my dvds, my computer, my less-than-king-sized-bed with its four pillows for comfy in-bed reading, my laptop, which brings all of my internet friends into my lounge room everyday.
    I'm grateful that throughout their schooling not one of my kids had lice.


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