Friday, February 3, 2012

The little tooly gadgets in the footer of each post that let me edit my stupidity have vanished, which I'm sure is to blame for the escalation of stupidity round here. I did a net search to see if I could fix it, and Google was all like, " OHHHHHH, your template must be corrupted." and made a bunch of suggestions to do with template-meddling, which is fine for Google, because IT doesn't have to deal with Bloggers' USELESS Template Designer. *sigh* And, YES, I have ticked the boxes to allow quick-editing, and I can still edit, it just takes longer. I'll just have to hope Blogger sorts itself out before I'm forced to meddle with templates. UPDATE Awesome. And now my formatting is all messed up. But I don;t care, because my husband came home last night and I'm happy happy happy.


  1. Blogger does love to play games with people. I think they get a bit pissed off when people are perfectly happy with the way things are and don't want to change to the New! Updated! Super-duper! Interface! etc.

    Hooray for Hubby being home!

  2. Gah, what is Blogger's problem? Are they deliberately trying to push people over to the Wordpress dark side?

    Yay to hubby coming home!


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