Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the elevator pitch.

Yesterday I put my ego in a box (large) and tried to ignore the butterflies in my tummy, and signed up for a 31 Days To Build A Better Blog course at Aussie Mummy Bloggers.

First task? sell yourself.

Major freak out. What is my blog about? who am I writing for? What do I want from my blogging experience? so many questions, so few brain cells...

oh, and plus? I have to use Twitter. I have a feeling I'm going to asking for lots of help.

Anyway -- elevator pitch -- we have to write something short and snappy that tells you, the Reader, something about the blog. So mine is here:

When I was a kid, people used to say I could talk underwater with an apple in my mouth. Not true. I never put my head underwater and I don't much like apples.

But it turns out I do have a lot to say, and no-one much to say it to. So I blog.

Most of it is just stuff I might tell you over coffee -- only if we were having coffee, I would let you say something too. Honest.

And I've also put it up at the top, in my About Me page.

Feel free to leave (thoughtful and kind) comments. Helpful would also be good. Especially if you know how Twitter works.


  1. Nice one. Simple direct, super cute and funny. I'd come come have coffee with you. Sums it all up perfectly.

  2. YAY, a kind comment!

    Bless you. And you children. And your childrens' childrens' children.

  3. Toni, i dont know ANYTHING ABOUT TWITTER :( but I LUV YOUR BLOG, i wish i could 'chat' to you over a coffee!!!!! and some say that i can ""talk underwater with a mouthful of marbles" :) :) keep on 'bloggin' girl!!!!

  4. I really like it! Love the tagline in the header too.. makes me want to keep reading :)

  5. You've got nothing on a girl I used to know who I'm sure didn't stop talking even to draw breath. She started work at the factory one day and I swear she didn't shut up until the day the factory closed down. Even then she was saying goodbyes and telling everyone what she'd be doing next.
    I don't miss her at all. She's probably got kids by now, and I know this is mean, but I really hope they all learned to talk very early.

  6. Thanks for the laugh River! not mean- just funny.

  7. Love it. Love our pitch and LOVE your tag line. Kicking this things butt in my opinion.

    Twitter is easy once you get going. Add me. @sugercoatit and I'll hook you up with the like 5 people i know.

  8. Oh I love it.. you made me smile and totally won me over!

  9. OMG that is a GREAT pitch!
    It makes me want to read your blog and have coffee with you.

    I'm off to sulk now because it's made me realise my Elevator Pitch SUCKS! LOL

  10. So you want to build a better blog? Why?? What's wrong with this one???

    But hey! Love the elevator pitch!! Tagline good too - but it might come across like you're still doing all the talking - which is kind of true - but us readers DO have the option of talking back via comments!

    One thing I AM sure of - whatever it ends up like, I'll still be here to read it!


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