Friday, February 18, 2011

squeeze and hold, baby.

People are often shocked when they ask me how many kids I have, because I don't know how to answer.
And this is why (it's complicated):

1. I have been pregnant 8 times

2. One was a blighted ovum, hence no actual child.

3. I was still sick as a dog for the whole 13 weeks though, before I had a miscarriage.

4. I had 7 actual live births, but my boy, Levi, died at 48 days old, of SIDS.

5. Which leaves me with 6 living children.

6. Of which, only 3 live with us as the other 3 are now grown-ups.

7. There are 2 step-children in the equation as well but they don't live with us.

So how many kids do I have? I have no idea. You tell me.

I had every one of them (the ones who are mine, that is) by pushing them out.

This is the result.

Two of my boys were 10 lb babies. Whatever that is in kilos. I don't care. One had a head like a bowling ball. One was just fat.
Levi was 9lb 10 or so but came out with his arm stretched up beside his head as well.

Is it any wonder I have *ahem* problems when I cough or sneeze?

Thank God for Dr. Kegel.


  1. haha - that picture is so funny! SO true!

  2. that is a funny picture! it must be fun with that many people around! big and small....

  3. ROFLMAO oh my. that was a good read. Love the picture.

  4. Ask them to be more specific. do they mean living children? All children? Do they want you to include stepchildren? I would.
    Or just tell them you've lost count.

  5. Now theres a topic no-one wants to talk about! Notice how the comments skirted it too? Funny photo but after you stop laughing you have to wonder about the person setting the scene and coming up with the concept. Weird to think there was someone once delicately picking away at a peanuts bottom to get just the right effect. Can you image his/her friends? "So how did your work go today, do anything special?"

  6. That picture made me shudder a little bit (in recognition, sadly, although I have only managed to 'push' one of my children, the other two were CS). I'm amazed at your mothering capabilities across the board! x

  7. My mum used to tell us not to make her laugh or she'd wet herself. Then she had a little operation and it doesn't happen any more - she was so impressed with it she started telling all her friends and now six of them have had the same surgery! I reckon she should get a commission from the surgeon!

  8. Great style. I would like to write that way.


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