Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the sunglasses trap

It seems my face is crooked.

Not so much that if you met me for the first time, you'd be startled by the slippage, but enough that every damn pair of sunglasses I've ever owned sits funny on my face.

Usually they just sit lop-sided, which isn't SO bad in the scheme of things -- but this latest pair isn't content with something as boring as looking crooked.
Instead, every time I raise my eyebrows, they trap the left one. And then I have to 'shrug' it off the top of the frame.

Seriously. Problems of the first world, hey?


  1. Most of us have something similar, like one ear very slightly higher/lower than the other, not noticeable to others, but very noticeable to us who have to wear glasses and constantly adjust the arms.
    For me sunglasses are a problem because I can't find any the same shap as my regular glasses, they're all modern up to the minute styles which don't suit me or they're huge incognito filmstar coverups which I hate and also don't suit me.

  2. I am having the same slippage problem, but I think mine is due to the sunnies not fitting me well. I hate to admit it & pretend everything is OK as it was a very expensive gift (that I chose) from my hubby. I'm stuck.

  3. LOL @ Joni -- don't you HATE that!

    and River I know JUST what you mean. My glasses really need replacing and I'm putting it off because I just don't like the fashionable ones.

  4. I'm sorry, I'm unable to comment upon such hillarity until there is photographic evidence of same forthcoming.

  5. Ah, c'mon! It's the fault of the glasses!! Take them into an optometrist so they can adjust them for you.

    And for those of us who wear glasses - a far cheaper alternative to prescription sunnies are 'Fitovers' - they just slide over the top of your glasses, instantly transforming them into sunnies!!

  6. Joni Llanora, slippage is easily fixed. Take them to an optometrist and get the arms adjusted.


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