Thursday, February 3, 2011

thank you Twitter

First -- an update on the family.

My sister and mum in Mission Beach are OK. The house was badly damaged - tiles from a neighbours' roof damaged their cars and also took out windows, which let the wind into the house. The winds were so strong they tore sheeting off the inner walls, blew out the sliding doors and windows, and destroyed one outer wall to the house, so it's open to the elements now and there's a lot of damage to furniture etc. BUT they are alive and unhurt.
The rainforest they lived in is gone. Many other homes were destroyed around them.

All other family members are fine, with no damage to property although some trees are down around them and of course, they have no power, phone or internet.


As you might imagine, I've been glued to my computer (mainly Twitter and Facebook) and ABC24 over the last 2 days.
(in fact I've been so involved in the cyclone that I was constantly surprised when I went outside my own home to blue skies and sunshine!)

It's hugely worrying to be so far away and not knowing what is happening to your family, and one of the big benefits of social media is that people were streaming webcams and posting updates constantly, from all around the affected area of Queensland. There were lots of good wishes and prayers being sent, lots of support, people volunteering information for worried rellies etc. Good to see.

I have seen complaints, however. Some jerks were complaining that the cyclone wasn't as exciting as they had hoped it would be. Yes, seriously!
And a lot of others complaining about the media overkill.

Well, from my point of view, I couldn't see or hear ENOUGH information. I knew I wouldn't be able to contact my sisters or mum for ages, and all I had was the media updates.

So I don't care if you thought the coverage was OTT, or boring.
I don't care if you don't like Kochie and think the reporters are vultures hovering around looking for corpses.
I don't care if you thought the Qld Gvt overstated the seriousness of this cyclone.
I don't care and neither do the rest of all those Australians who had loved ones in danger last night.

And when the pictures and stories start appearing, I hope you feel ashamed of your shallowness.


  1. Soooo glad to hear that your family are all OK Toni, THINGS can be replaced, LOVED ONE'S CANT xxxxx

  2. not OTT at all! did you see the size of that thing! so suprised that it didnt kill anyone! and the damage is going to be terrible when then get in there to assess it!

  3. So glad you family is okay, hon. Scary about all the damage, though. That sounds pretty daunting to have to repair.

    I think that when things like this happen on a national scale, people feel like they are entitled to voice their opinions, however inane. Ignore away. I'm glad you had access to so much information. That must have been comforting while you were waiting and fearful.

    I'm glad it wasn't as bad as some were fearing, devastating as it was. xx

  4. Glad to hear your family members are okay. My nieces mum who lives in Tully is also okay.
    Are you all able to communicate via mobile phones?

  5. We have spoken by mobile but I'm trying not to ring again, as they can't re-charge and may need their phones for something important.

    If I could, I'd be ringing every couple of hours!

  6. Glad your family is safe. I was glued to the TV last night GLUED. I normally go to bed around 9.30 and sleep 9 hours. Last night I was up until midnight and actually left the TV on in my room to wake up to. I was frightened and I don't even know anyone up that way! So I hear you ..

  7. I generally find if I don't like the coverage/media star/focus/plot of what I'm watching, I'm no longer annoyed by it if I switch it off!

    So glad to hear your good news - and SOOOO GREAT there was no loss of life!!


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