Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Selections -- the Barossa

I'm joining in on Kims' Sunday Selections photo meme for the first time. I've been a bit nervous joining this cos I'm not a good photographer. But this is a subject I think most of you will appreciate!

In 2008, Fabio and I took the kids to SA, and holidayed with his family on a houseboat, and on the way back we drove through the Barossa and that included a visit to Wolf Blass. I know. It was awesome.

For some reason, I love taking 'road' pictures. This one has been treated to a Photoshop action, but I can't remember which one cos it was so long ago. Anyway, it's a section of highway on the way from Victoria to Adelaide.

Oh, the anticipation....

I do like stone walls. And this one is clearly worth a second look!

I'm assuming those are wine tanks. Full of wine. :)

The Wolf Blass eagle, isn't he magnificent?

They've carried the eagle theme to the heights of style. LOVE this entry!

One of the beautiful winery roads (looking out the rear window, for a change)

This is Chateau Yaldara. Nice, huh? We bought the most amazing olives here, and Fabio had a beer. He was a very happy chappy.

Another part of the Chateau. The restaurant is down on the right.

Lunch at Chateau Yaldara. Cost us about the same as eating at Maccas, no kidding. We could see and hear the little creek running over rocks just outside. And the food was very good.

Us having a cuddle at the Chateau main steps. Probably the closest we'll ever get to a romantic European fountain picture.


  1. Beautiful. It looks like a lovely escape.

  2. Oh that is a lovely trip, isn't it? I've not been to Wolf Blass, but I did my own little winery tour a few years ago between the Barossa and Clare Valleys. Came home with a boot load of plonk for myself and two others (they cashed me up)!

    I'm hoping for different road trip this year with my GOFA.We have an idea, but I'm loathe to hang my hopes to heavily on it just yet. Things quickly in the GOFA's life!

  3. Those are great photos Toni.
    I've never been to a winery, not being a wine person, more of a whiner, ha ha.
    I love that eagle styled entrance. I'm surprised to hear (read?) that lunch was as cheap as eating at Macca's.

  4. I am so pleased that you joined in Toni, these are great photos. The sense of anticipation in your photos was very strong. I really enjoyed how you shared a story with them as well. Cheers Kim :)

  5. The road shots are really interesting, they capture that idea of moving and your anticipation very well.

  6. Photos like this make me feel that I've been there too. It's most unlikely that I will ever visit that beautiful chateau in the flesh, so thanks for virtually taking me with you ;-)

  7. Looks like a great trip! I like the eagle theme too.

    I take pictures of roads quite often but they never turn out to look very interesting!


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