Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Themes - Tools of the Trade

In my other life, the one where the children are at school and the housework is ignored, I couldn't manage without these. They are my go-to tools -- the ones that help me create scrapbooking LOs and papercraft projects, like wedding invites and birthday cards.
They are -
- Fiskars paper trimmer, and awesomely sharp scissors that stabbed me in the leg
- T!m Holtz design ruler (which has grid markings AND little holes to help with paper piercing and stitching), T!ms' Distress ink and applicator, his rubber stamps and his embossing powder -- why, yes, I am crushing on T!m, how did you guess? but his products are so damn GOOD.
- collection of pens, including white gel pen and my Zig Writers
- Versacube ink in Pinecone -- everyone should have this colour. Everyone. The world would be a better place.
- double sided tape and glue dots -- no more sticky glue up to my elbows. (my dad superglued his forearm to the kitchen table one time when he was making fishing lures. Luckily (?) he had a razor blade handy, and cut himself free. A millimetre at a time. This has nothing to do with papercraft but it's pretty funny.)

So what tools do you use every day? what could you not manage without?

Join in by writing a related post, and be as creative as you like.
Make sure to link back to me in your post, and make sure to leave some love on at least one other persons' post. The link should be open till midnight Friday.


  1. Hey! Great idea - especially as I got to be first!!

    Thanx also for the prize pack - I particularly appreciated the Princess' WONDERFUL drawing!! It's the perfect car for a Red Nomad!!!

    Have a wonderful day - will pop back later to check out the other links!!

  2. You're very welcome. Hope you enjoy the books. And THANKYOU for joining in todays' theme.

  3. You're too kind! But now I've stuffed up - I've linked twice, the 2nd one is correct as it links direct to the post. Can u fix? See email for more details ...

  4. Ummm... not sure how to! I'll have a look....

  5. I dabble in a little bit of this, a little bit of that... such that I wouldn't have a clue which tools were the best ones! But I am so happy that you've shared your papercraft 'go to' list! x

  6. I've only linked to my blog, not sure how to do a link to a particular post. But it's titled Thursday Theme, so people will find it if they want to.
    I had fun doing this, except for all the times my computer froze.

  7. And i had fun reading everyones' posts -- thank you all for making this a really lovely day!

  8. sorry didnt get to join in this time - been a crazy week. Hopefully I'll be able to jump on board for next Thursday :)


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