Wednesday, February 2, 2011

updates from the Book (updated!)

These are from Facebook yesterday and last night. My family and friends are getting ready for a belting from Yasi.

from my brother M:
* Generator's had a run, Got bread, milk and coffee, Filled the gas bottle, everything is tied down, Trigger (the Wonder Dog) is holding the couch down. We're ready!!
* me - Is trigger still keeping that couch safe?
M - No.. He must reckon the lino in front of the fan is more likely to go :)
me - LMAO! Good boy Trigger. Don't forget to lay on Grandad if he looks like floating away.

* M - Well the houses, both next door and across the road, Will be safe. They have been driving nails in for the last 3 days, and still hammering away!!
me - maybe they're building an ark. You should see if they have any spare room.
M - We will take the tinny. I'm not getting on an ark with two tiapans!!
Cousin J - At least they are using nails, not like my neighbours. Swampies is a termite nest and the other house is made out of the stuff for fridges. and there is not a nail or screw in it. It is just a big jigsaw puzzle. It will be interesting to see how it holds up.
me - You might end up with most of it on the patio, J.
J - well if i ever want to build a fridge i will have the bits all ready to go.

* M - Still atm. Like nothings happening.
me - How's Dad? puffing on those cigarettes I bet.
M - He's pretty cool for now. Been a bit ... funny... today, but I think he's just settled down to wait now. Done all we can.
me - I expect he's scared but doesn't want to say so. K said he's been nailing down everything in the yard.
(apparently Dad was driving nails into , or tying down everything in sight)
M - Just stabbed himself in the bum. Had a screwdriver in his pocket from tightning something up!!!!

* M - (this morning) Man... You should hear how many hammers are doing overtime this morning... its freaky!!!

* M - Well thats about 300 million nails in the house next door!!!!!!!!! Its getting bloody annoying!!

* sister K -- wonder how long the house next door will last?
M -- Forever. It's got 300 million new nails in it.

from my sister S:
* So, BOM tracking site looks like Yasi will hit mission beach and then straight over the top of Atherton. I'm off to get supplies, mainly coffee.

* i bought a lotto ticket as well. may as well

* You know someone should invent a battery operated kettle............

From my cousin J:
* J - no genny! :(
brother M - Start making ice for the esky while you have power!!!
me - good thinking
M - If you make a kite and tie a key to it, on a long piece of copper wire....
me - you try it first, and let us know how you get on.

I love these people. God, please let them all survive.


  1. your family are all in our thoughts Toni xxxxxxx

  2. Yes, sending positive energy to those who are to be affected. That's all we can do for now. The YASI radar is scary (link on the ABC news site), and lets not forget the Solomon Islands copping it right now.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Their sense of humour has helped lighten my fears a little. I come from QLD and most of my family and friends are there and like you they are forever on my mind. I'm hoping it does one of those unpredictable things like about faces and heads back out to sea again.

  4. I've just had a text message from my niece. Her mother lives halfway between Innisfail and Cardwell and it's too late for her to go anywhere safer. Niece is worried. I don't know her mum all that well, she was my brother's girlfriend only briefly. I'll send up a prayer for everyone, although I'm not usually the praying type.


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