Saturday, February 26, 2011

my spidey senses are tingling

Late last night, thanks to the unrelenting heat and humidity, I decided to have a shower before bed. Luckily, I turned on the bathroom light. Often I don't -- our ensuite is the size of a shoebox and the light from my bedside is enough to see by. But last night, light on.
And I looked down to see the worlds' most optimistic spider had spun a web at just above ankle height, and was waiting in it to catch me.
"Wait a minute," thinks I. "That's a very familiar shape..." and sure enough, when I leaned closer, I could see her big red markings.
I found a glass jar and caught her, accidentally knocking one of her legs off in the process, which annoyed me no end as I actually really like redbacks and most times would rather let them go than kill them.
So I guess now I can add 'spider torturer' to my List of Accomplishments.

Anyway, it occurred to me well after that I should have taken a PHOTO of her clever trap! I thought briefly about a re-enactment but I just really couldn't think how to spin a web (which, yep, accidentally destroyed during the capturing process) so here's one I took just before letting her go.

Isn't she beautiful? apart from her missing leg, that is....


  1. You were so very lucky you turned on that light. Or it could have turned out very differently for you.

  2. Spider torturer? More like spider saviour!

  3. I don't mind spiders but you were so lucky with this redback. Back to the garden Mr Spider :)

  4. Oh my god, how lucky that you turned the light on!

    I would've reacted very differently - as in, the whole neighbourhood would have been woken with my shrieking & I would've unleashed my fury with a can of Mortein in one hand and a shoe in the other!!

  5. Oh dear, it seems spider stories are the theme of the week...Tara over at Our Whirlwind Adventures has a funny but scary spider story of her own. Lucky you spotted it...pesky spiders, why can't they just stay outside. I hate killing spiders too but sometimes don't have choice if they're in compromising positions inside my house...

  6. She is pretty. I don't mind most spiders, but I have killed a few. Funnelwebs in Sydney and Trapdoors in Pt Augusta, a few redbacks right here in my yard. Hubby was scared to death of all spiders, so I had to kill any that he saw. now that he's gone, I leave them alone.

  7. Spiders do seem to be the theme this week! Very lucky you turned the light on. I'm sure your spidey will be okay minus one leg :)


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