Thursday, February 10, 2011

just too fast

I'm SO annoyed with myself today.

Had to take Mr 17 to work this morning, and it's a godawful time of the day. He starts at 8, which means getting the other two ready for school is just that little bit more complicated. It chews about half an hour out of the morning and the littlies are crabby and Mr 17 is crabby so it's just not a great start to the day.

And to make things worse, we have to go past the high school which has a 40 limit BUT also has a large intersection with traffic lights in the middle of the zone and that's where the problem lies. You sit at the lights for so long and your brain is going at 90 trying to sort out the stuff you have to do and it's VERY easy to forget the 40 limit because there's no signage to remind you at the lights.
So normally I'm pretty careful because hey, I have kids too and I fully support school speed limits but of course today I was distracted and I took off from the lights too fast and YEP, got zapped by Mr Policeman with his radar gun. And I'm sure I was over the 40. Just, but over.


I'm 46 this year and I've NEVER had a speeding fine. My husbands' had LOTS and I used to feel all smug when he got a new one and now I've lost the right to smirk.

But you know the most annoying thing? this all happened at 7:45. I've been doing that run for ages and I've never once seen a kid waiting at that intersection at that time. They're not ALLOWED to be at school before 8:30. Why is the limit in place from 7:30 in the damn morning? on the highway? What's wrong with 8 o'clock???

and Fabio? you're allowed to laugh. I deserve it.


  1. Oh fug. You know, they do that here too. Have the speed limits in place for hours (it seems) before and after school starts and ends. As if some kid is going to be sauntering across the main road at 9:30 in the morning. Speeding tickets bite.

  2. Bummer. My only speeding ticket was when they introduced 50kmh zones - all signed - then took away a 60kmh sign - from which we were apparently to infer that it was now 50kmh. Crap!!

    BUT ... my then ~90 y.o. neighbour got done as well! Is she the oldest person in OZ to get a speeding ticket, I wonder?!?!?!

  3. Darn it! I got zapped in a 40 zone going down a very steep hill. I was going 46! Got a warning from a very stern police officer who to this day features in Maxi's nightmares as he was in the car at the time.

    Our zones are from 8am which makes a lot more sense to me... 7.30am is ridiculous! x

  4. I've never had a speeding fine either, but that's probably because I don't drive....
    My first hubby got them all the time, then he'd hand them to me to go and pay because he claimed he didn't have the time. Bugger always "forgot" to give me the money too.


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